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My Rite of Passage During the Summer of '76

My Rite of Passage During the Summer of '76 Author: H. Downing Lane 

H.Downing Lane's first sailing memoir received 5/5 stars from IndieReader. "In SAILING BLUE WATER MYSTIQUE SOLO: SAILING THE EXUMAS ALONE, H. Downing Lane’s personal insights and observations of both the self and the blue world around him create an engrossing tale that readers will find hard to put down. SAILING BLUE WATER MYSTIQUE SOLO: SAILING THE EXUMAS ALONE, written by retired educator and sailing instructor H. Downing Lane, takes the reader on a fascinating journey of the self. Lane sets sail alone through the Exumas, a section of the Bahamas consisting of 365 islands and cays. His decision to reconnect with himself and nature is partly inspired by the end of a romantic relationship and a basic need to rediscover what makes him happy." MY RITE OF PASSAGE DURING THE SUMMER OF '76 is the author's second book. Lane describes his adventures as a young sailor across the Atlantic.



  • Memoirs
  • Action-Adventure
  • Elite Missions

The Keystone: Finding Home

The Keystone: Finding Home Author: Seren Goode 

“Sixteen years as a nomad…

I used to love it, just the three of us, a team, moving to the next adventure. Now, when my dad changes jobs like some people change underwear, it just gives me a stomachache.”

Grace Thompson is used to moving—and losing. She’s already lost her mother, her home, and any hope for a normal life. But when her father is abducted from the streets of San Francisco, Grace is determined to get him back. She thinks she is alone until she meets four strangers whose parents went missing at the same time. The teens work together to track down the clues to their parents’ pasts with only an alien stone to guide them. With the kidnappers closing in, the only way to save them is to unravel the secret her mother died to protect her from.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed, young adult adventure story with a touch of romance. Fans of mystery, low angst thrillers, alien stories, contemporary sci-fi, travel, girl main characters, found family, and friendship fiction will love The Keystone!

The Keystone: Finding Home is Book 1 in the Elements Series but is a complete story with an HEA and no cliffhangers.



  • Science Fiction
  • Romance Science Fiction-Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Action-Adventure
  • Elite Missions